Why a Blog?

As a stay at home dad, I spend eight hours a day (minus naps) basically talking to myself.  My daughter is in the room mind you, but it’s pretty much a one-way dialogue.  And I’m not soliloquizing in Shakespeare here.  My conversations sound more like this:

“Yeah?  You want your milk?  Okay, here you go.  Mmmmm, milk’s good huh?  Yeah.”
“Yeah, there’s Clover.  Say hi to Clover.  Hi Clover!  Clover’s a good dog isn’t she?  Yes she is.  What’s she doing now?  Oh look she’s – Hey!  Clover!  Not yours!  That’s Josephine’s toy. No!”

Most people who talk to themselves are either schizophrenic or are wearing a bluetooth, and I’m neither crazy or a douche bag.  I know I have to do this, so that Josephine’s language skills develop.  However, while her’s are improving, I can’t help but feel mine must be atrophying.  I noticed I missed writing and thinking at an adult level, just as my body had started to miss sweating.  So it’s a brain exercise for me, and if you find it interesting, all the better.


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