Clover is a very patient dog

This pretty much sums up the current relationship dynamic between my daughter and my dog.  Nothing real surprising.  Clover has the look of pitiful resignation that can only come from knowing that you are so low on the family totem poll, that a bumbling toddler who poops her pants sits on top of your head (figuratively, and literally sometimes, speaking.)  Josie, on the other hand, loves Clover, and treats her as such like one of her many inanimate stuffed animals.  Stuffed animals, however, have no feelings and so you don’t have to admonish toddlers to “be careful with Teddy’s eyes” or “Daffy doesn’t like to have his face grabbed like that.”  This is one of the sweeter moments.  Don’t let it fool you though.  The next photo in the sequence is one of Josie’s blurry legs delivering a barrage of kicks to Clover’s head.  Clover is a very patient dog and my job, going forward, will be to make Josie realize that not all doggies she will meet are going to be so tolerant.


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