Dana was the girl next door in high school (literally) and interviewed me for her blog Oh Darling Love’s series on family profiles.

oh darling love

Please welcome my childhood neighbor and friend, Chris Axling and his family, to our ongoing Family Profile series. I am forever curious as to how and why people pick where to place their home and set some roots. Chris is a special case in that he grew up on the same island that I did and spent some time in the same city that I did (Seattle) – so I have to figure that his opinions about particular places will speak to me in some form or another. Chris has always been an artist for as long as I have known him (I still possess a vibrant painting of a butterfly he made me way back when) but his woodworking takes it up a notch – I am a daughter of a woodworker so I think I have some authority in saying that his woodworking projects are masterpieces – just…

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