Treehouse Update #4

A couple of works trips for Sarah sent me to my parents for some free babysitting while I worked on the treehouse last week.  So after a few days, I now have a house in a tree.  If there’s anything I learned while working at Treehouse Workshop it is that you should do everything you can on the ground, and then lift the house into the tree in panels.  Way easier and more efficient than climbing up and down every time you drop your tape measure or need to make a cut.

So with the help of my 6’8″ friend Bill and my dad, the three of us shoved, grunted and hefted the eight wall sections up into the tree.  Then it was just a matter of kicking the walls onto my layout lines, and screwing the screws back into their holes.   And wah-la, there is something that looks like a treehouse up in the branches, which is very exciting.

I had enough time to screw the rafters in, but I’ll finish putting in the outlookers and fascia later when I go back to skip sheet and shake the roof.  This is easier said than done of course, as I’ll have to rig up some sort of safety line dangling from the skinny treetops.  After that’s done, I’ll install some fir flooring I’ve got, cutting out for the sunken hidey-hole and hinging the floor there.  Then to set the windows and door and make a little loft (or not).  I’m tempted to put in a tiny little cupola with a weather vane or finial for looks, so I’ll see what I can find on ebay.  I’ll also be on the lookout for an antique wheel-style pulley, so the kiddos can haul things up and down.  We’re not going to cover the interior walls, so you’ll see the skip sheeting and the back of the shingles/siding.  There’s still some debate on whether to run a wire out there so there can be lights.  We’ll see.

Wish me luck that I don’t break my neck!


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