What’s this little person going to be like?

I usually try to make this blog universally entertaining, so that you don’t necessarily need to know me or my family to read it.  I don’t find blogs very interesting if they read like journals and I don’t know you.  People consume media to be entertained or informed, and what you had for breakfast this morning is neither.  So unless you know me or my daughter this post is kind of like my Frosted Mini Wheats.  I did want to write it though, more for me than anyone else, just to have it to read a few years from now.

Personality development in your young spawn is hard to chart.  It’s a slow subtle process and their impulsive natures are had to separate from their conscious choices.  For many of their first months it’s hard to even tell the difference between a smile at you, an involuntary facial muscle spasm or passing gas.  But as they grow older, become more mobile, and start to communicate, it’s easier to get an idea about who this little person might grow up to be like.

So here are my predictions.  I’ll be interested to read this later to see how I did.

Josie has (almost) always looked before leaping, so to speak.  She’s not one to blindly run into a screen door.  She’s a pretty careful kid, overly so in my opinion sometimes, so I don’t think it’s likely she’ll grow up to be a real risk taker.

She’s pretty neat – organized that is.  Food ends up on the floor when she eats, but it’s not a like someone emptied the refrigerator on the floor below her after meal time.  She also hates getting dirt on her hands.  I’m not sure where this comes from, since Sarah and I are both gardeners.  I’m guessing her room won’t be a disaster zone – just one that looks like a mere F2 tornado passed through a relatively unpopulated area recently.

Like me she’s pretty independent, but shy with people she doesn’t know well.  So she can be perfectly happy by herself in the yard if I’m doing boring adult stuff like weeding, or hanging out with grandma and grandpa all day while I work on the treehouse.  But around new people, she will smile crazily…at her feet, frozen like a fawn.  This makes her pretty clingy toward us when strangers are around.  It also means she isn’t very assertive in her peer groups…of 18 month-olds that is.  God, I feel sorry for children of psychologists.

This is sort of along the same lines, but I’ve noticed that Josie could care less about doing whatever everyone else is doing at the library when the storytime lady is doing a song with hand motions or whatever.  I don’t think she’s going to be a conformist.  Sitting in the circle, I’m always secretly a little proud of her when she doesn’t participate.  Anytime a group of people, without question, do ridiculous things as directed by a leader…..

I don’t think she’ll succumb to the pink princess syndrome.  She does like baby dolls and dragging her doll-sized stroller everywhere, but she gets equally excited by a bowl of dried beans.  Pretty middle of the road here so far, but I could easily see her becoming a tomboy or going off the Barbie high dive.

For the time being, she actually listens to us a fair amount of the time.  If she starts for something that is off limits like ‘dog poop’ I will say “no” and wave my hand parallel to the ground.  She will look at me, say “no!” and do the same motion.  She will continue to do this indefinitely, toward electrical outlets, the woodstove, the dog’s water dish, etc.  So if you ever come over to our house and see my daughter waving to the lawn bombs in the yard, that’s what’s going on.  I’m sure this is probably a sweet little calm before the storm, but wouldn’t that be nice if it wasn’t?

I have no idea what sort of sports she will like, but if her obsession with horses continues, I better start studying up on equestrian activities.  I will venture a guess that in a few years “pony” will make it onto her Christmas list.

I think she’ll be a worrier – not just because she’s inherited Sarah’s furrowed brow, but because she’s seems pretty concerned about things she shouldn’t be at this age.  Sarah and I like to joke that she has probably learned more than is healthy from our dog Clover.  Clover is a herder, and she takes someone leaving the group as a personal failure.  Josie can feel this way too.

Fruit is by far her favorite food group.  Given that Sarah has a pretty enlarged sweet tooth, I think her addiction to berries is kind of like a gateway drug to the hard stuff.

We often call her “the reporter” for her penchant to exuberantly ‘inform’ us of exciting events like deer sightings.  I can only imagine if she ever gets a sibling, that her title will change slightly from ‘reporter’ to ‘informer.’

That’s about it, as far as we can tell right now.  We’ll see how I do…


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