Treehouse Update

The treehouse saga continues.

Since my last update:

  • Built a door jamb for a door an old landlord had thrown out on the curb.
  • Bought the windows from the ReStore in Ballard.
  • Built a gate from leftover stair material, and scrap I had.  My parents have a thing for loons, so Sarah had a great idea to carve a pair on them.  I added two babies to represent Josie and my nephew Lucian on the mama’s back.  Then I painted and epoxied it.
  • Sarah, Dad and I moved cedar logs that my parents had cut down last winter.  This sounds simple, but when all you have is a come-along, a lot of rope and wire cable, a peavey, a crowbar, log rollers, and stubborn determination, it takes awhile.  I have a new respect for what the Egyptians were able to accomplish.  With the logs staged in the driveway, they were now within easy reach of my friend’s portable sawmill.

With Sarah away on work this last week, I had another long weekend at the folks’ place working on the treehouse.  On Saturday my friend, Spencer West, come by with his Woodmizer top mill up the cedar logs.  Spencer turned logs into beautiful lumber, my heart quickened as I began making up projects on the fly once the treehouse lumber order was met, barking out dimensions for a dining room table, window trim benches, and a gate.  Too much wood is a carpenter’s wet dream come true – and seriously, it poured on us that afternoon.

With the lumber now stacked and stickered, there is nothing holding me back from building the treehouse but time.  I framed a couple walls, decked the platform, and even got in a railing by the end of the weekend.  Suddenly it’s starting to look and feel like the drawings I’ve been doodling for the last few months.

This has to be the smallest deck I’ve ever done.

I’ve added a Flickr album to the right if you’d like to watch the evolution of this project.


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