The Binky Chronicles, Volume 2

Well, I did it.

A few days ago, Josephine wasn’t going down for her second nap and I found her binky once again on the floor. As I looked at it, and back at her, I swear to God – she giggled.  I lost it.  I took that thing into the kitchen, grabbed a fillet knife, and cut a hole in the end.  I walked back in, and held it out to her.  Her excited panting sounded like that of a crack addict having a rock dangled above their head.  I gave it to her, and she popped it into her mouth, sucked, then gave me a look that said, “What have you done?!”

I played dumb.  “What?  What’s wrong?”

She didn’t buy it, and the wailing resumed, intensifying.  “Uh oh, what have I done?”  I’m not usually so impulsive, and I soon realized I would have some major explaining to do when my wife arrived home, since this wouldn’t be anything I could hide.  This was a rather large unilateral decision on my part, and unless I could soften the damage done by finding the other binky we lost a few weeks ago, she would be understandably unhappy with me.

Josie did go to sleep eventually, though it wasn’t pretty, and unfortunately I didn’t find the binky, although my wife’s search that night did uncover it.  Regardless though, we proceeded with the plan, and I’m happy to say that after about three days, Josie is falling asleep just as well with her teddy bear as she did with her binky.

Which is to say, with lots of standing up in her crib and crying.


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